Product Overview and Features

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NEO-ZEX™: Linear medium density polyethylene (solution method C4-LLDPE)

ULTZEX™: Linear low-density polyethylene (solution method C6-LLDPE)

Main ApplicationsBottle caps, daily necessities, large tanks, pipes, packaging films, laminating films, stretch films, heavy duty bags

NEO-ZEX™ & ULTZEX™ are solution polymerization LLDPEs developed by our unique technology (conventional catalyst L-LLDPE), which is unparalleled in Japan.

NEO-ZEX™ has excellent rigidity and heat resistance by using C4 as a comonomer.

ULTZEX™ uses C6 as its comonomer, which gives it excellent sealing properties, low-temperature properties, and ESCR.

Main Features of NEO-ZEX™ and ULTZEX™

  • Drawdown property: Thin-wall molding is possible at high speed without tube breakage.
  • Sealing characteristics: It has excellent heat sheet strength, hot tack, and foreign material sealing properties, and is suitable for high-speed automatic filling and packaging.
  • Rigidity: It produces products with high rigidity and strong backbone.
  • Heat-resisting property: Heat resistance temperature is approximately 10-15°C higher than that of LDPE.
  • Low-temperature characteristics: It produces products with excellent cold resistance.
  • Luster: It produces products with smooth surfaces and beautiful finishes.
  • ESCR (Stress Cracking Resistance): Products that are resistant to cracking even under harsh conditions are obtained.

List of Properties (PDF file)

A list of physical properties of this brand is available for download in PDF format.