Product Overview and Features

Product CategoryMetallocene linear low-density polyethylene (vapor phase method C6-LLDPE)
Main ApplicationsFilms for pasting, industrial films, heavy duty bags, tubes, and food packaging materials

Evolue™ is a special LLDPE (linear low-density polyethylene) copolymerized with ethylene and higher alpha olefin (hexene-1) by our proprietary vapor phase polymerization method using a metallocene catalyst.

Evolue™ is a HAO-LLDPE created by combining metallocene catalyst technology with our proprietary two-stage polymerization process, and has a superior balance of film properties and moldability compared to conventional LLDPE and other companies' metalloc.

Main Features of Evolue™

  • Low fish-eye: High level of fish-eye control reduces printing defects on film.
  • Low odor: Suitable for food and beverage packaging with minimal odor and taste impact on the contents due to low odor components.
  • Film strength: Stronger strength than general LLDPE reduces bag breakage defects when thin-walled.
  • Low temperature heat sealability: Higher heat seal strength at low temperatures compared to standard LLDPE.

List of Properties (PDF file)

A list of physical properties of this brand is available for download in PDF format.