Product Overview and Features

Product CategoryMetallocene medium- and high-density polyethylene
Main ApplicationsPipes, small containers, industrial films, master batches

Evolue™H is the result of the fusion of our proprietary slurry method multi-stage polymerization process with a metallocene catalyst.

By using precise resin design and Higher Alpha-Olefin (HAO) comonomer, Evolue™H has high performance that cannot be achieved with conventional polyethylene.

Main Features of Evolue™H

  • High rigidity and strength: Thinner products can be expected due to superior mechanical properties such as rigidity and impact strength.
  • Chemical resistance: It is stable against various solvents as well as acids and alkalis, and can be used for a wide range of contents.
  • Low Pollution: Low molecular weight components and low eye discharge and leaching into the contents.

List of Properties (PDF file)

A list of physical properties of this brand is available for download in PDF format.