Long Glass-Fiber Reinforced Polypropylene: Mostron® (Japan)/MOSDIO™ (overseas) Short Glass-Fiber Reinforced Polypropylene

Product Overview and Features

Product CategoryGlass fiber reinforced polypropylene
Main ApplicationsFunctional parts for automobiles, home appliance parts, substitute parts for other materials (engineering plastics), and others (building materials, etc.)

Glass fiber reinforced polypropylene is a composite material obtained by melting and kneading glass fibers and polypropylene resin. The excellent properties of polypropylene resin (low GHC, light weight, water resistance, etc.) and the strength and heat resistance of glass fiber are combined and used in a variety of structural and heat-resistant components. Some of the applications in which our glass-fiber-reinforced propylene is used have been able to replace metals or engineering plastics, making it a suitable material for replacing other materials, including metals and engineering plastics.

Mostron®/MOSDIO™ is a high-performance long-fiber glass-reinforced polypropylene resin that we have developed. Each continuous fiber bundle of several thousand glass filaments with diameters of 10s of microns is uniformly impregnated with polypropylene before being drawn into strands and pelletized to the required length. Our unique manufacturing process enhances the adhesion at the GF interface, resulting in excellent physical properties.

List of Properties (PDF file)

A list of physical properties of this brand is available for download in PDF format.