Types and characteristics

The following a presentation of some of the technical information on our PP such as general properties, structure and physical properties. We hope you will use this information together with our product information in selecting materials. For any detailed technical information, please contact our “Technical Support Desk” by e-mail.



  1. Types and characteristics of PP
    This contains information on the types of PP, its molecular structure, characteristics, and main applications.
  2. PP manufacturing process
    This contains information on the classification of PP by composition and PP manufacturing process by composition.
  3. Structure of PP
    This contains an explanation of the structure of PP using illustrations.
  4. Structure of block PP
    This contains a conceptual diagram, electron microscope pictures, etc. of block PP.
  5. Positioning of PP-based composite materials
    This contains examples of application of PP to industrial materials and information on the properties of composite materials using Izod impact and flexural modulus.