Polyethylene (PE)

Here is an introduction of some of the technical information on the general properties, structure, physical properties, etc. of our PE. We hope you will use this information together with product information in selecting materials. For detailed technical information, please contact the Technical Support Desk.

  1. Characteristics of PE
    This contains general characteristics of PE.
  2. Branched structure of various PE resins
    This contains the method of classification according to the types, length and number of the side chains of PE.
  3. Comonomer species (α-olefin) and physical properties
    This contains a graph showing the correlation between the molecular weight of comonomer species (α-olefin) and strength, among other things.
  4. Physical properties of linear low-density PE (LLDPE)
    This contains a graph showing the relationship between basic physical properties and other physical properties of LLDPE, among other things.
  5. Physical properties of high-density PE (HDPE)
    This contains information relating to the factors that control the basic and physical properties of HDPE.