Characteristics of PE

Generally, PE has the following characteristics:

  1. It is possible to change the density of PE through copolymerization of ethylene and other comonomers.
    It is also possible to manufacture PE having different properties ranging from high density to low density.
  2. PE shows excellent moldability and can be molded by a broad range of methods, such as extrusion, film extrusion, blow molding, drawing and injection molding.
  3. Because of its excellent mechanical strength, PE is used for a variety of applications. Furthermore, PE has low-temperature mechanical strength in particular and is used for containers and pallets for use in the cold region.
  4. Because of its excellent electrical properties, PE is used as a wire and cable coating material (insulation and sheaths).
  5. Because of its excellent chemical resistance, PE is used for containers which stores acid, alkali and solvents. However, care should be taken in those cases in which stress is applied to PE for a long period of time. Contact with a surfactant may cause cracks.
  6. PE has excellent weather resistance, compared with other reins. Especially in those applications in which PE is used outdoors for a long time. Weathering agents and carbon are added to PE so that it can be used for wire/cable coatings and steel pipe coatings that require a life of several decades.