Product classification : Polyolefin-based flexible resin
Main uses : Building decorative sheets, wrapping film, marking film, wire / cable coatings, water-proof sheets, hose, tube

PRIME TPO is a polyolefin-based flexible resin of the reactor type developed by our proprietary polymerization technology. Since it is polymerized directly in a reactor, it is prominently characterized by a homogeneous composition, satisfactory moldability and excellent physical properties.

In addition, PRIME TPO has the following characteristics:

(1) Environmentally friendly (easy to burn and recycle)
(2) Low in specific gravity, making a reduction in weight possible (specific gravity:0.88 -0.90)
(3) It can be extruded and calender-processed.
(4) It is a PP-based resin and exhibits excellent heat resistance.
(5) It shows a broad range of rigidity from semi-rigid to flexible.

Characteristics and examples of applications by types

Characteristics and examples of applications by types

Table of physical properties (PDF file)

A table of the physical properties of this brand can be downloaded in the form of PDF.

Semi-Hard Type, Homo Grade | Semi-Hard Type, Random Grade | Soft Type, Block Grade

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