Prime Polypro™


Product classification : Polypropylene (PP)
Main applications : Automotive parts, home appliances, medical applications (instruments, containers, medicine packaging, daily goods, housing facilities, containers, pallets, detergent containers/caps, food containers/caps, food and other packaging and industrial film, fiber, sheets, foam products

In Japan Prime Polymers pioneered the first commercial production of polypropylene in 1962. Today our total annual capacity exceeds 1,170,000 Metric Tons with production in Chiba, Osaka and Yamaguchi plants. Our state-of-the-art manufacturing facilities and world-class R&D resources allow Prime Polymers to provide a comprehensive variety of grades to meet numerous general and specialty-market needs.

Table of physical properties (PDF file)

A table of the physical properties of this brand can be downloaded in the form of PDF.

Injection :Stiffness, Clarity | Injection´╝ÜHigh Impact Strength | Blow, Extrusion molding | Film | Fiber

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