Outline of PP

Polypropylene is a synthetic resin made by the polymerization of propylene monomer-It has been produced in Japan since 1962. Today, Polypropylene has become a mainstay synthetic resin whose annual consumption in Japan alone exceeds 2.5 Million Metric Tons. Polypropylene offers low weight, thermal stability, chemical resistance and superior gloss.

There are three basic forms of the polymer: Homopolymer, Random Copolymer and Block Copolymer, and numerous chemical variations within each of the three general categories. Each of the many types of polypropylene exhibits its own unique properties which dictate its use for specialized applications.

Generally, Homopolymer grades provide high rigidity and high gloss. They can be easily colored in a wide variety of vivid hues. Random Copolymers are used where excellent clarity is required. Block Copolymers provide high impact strength.

Polypropylene is widely used in the production of automotive components like bumper fascias where exceedingly high impact strength is required. It also finds wide use in the construction of household appliances including refrigerators, washing machines and a host of other basic appliances.

Main applications

We can find PP products everywhere around us. PP is processed by a variety of processing methods such as film extrusion, injection molding, blow molding and extrusion into products to suit specific applications. They are used in our daily life.

Examples of PP applications

Automotive parts, medical applications (devices, containers, medicine packaging), home appliances, daily goods, housing facilities, containers, pallets, detergent containers/caps, beverage containers, bottle caps, food cups, food packaging film, sheets for food, packaging film, industrial film, industrial sheets, yarn, strips, foam products, etc.

Our product brands

We have a Polypropylene product line as listed below. The characteristics and physical properties of each product will be shown when the name of the product is clicked.

Product brand name Resin name
Prime Polypro™ Polypropylene(PP)