Outline and characteristics of the product

Product classification : Metallocene Bimodal High/Medium-density PE
Main applications : Pipe, Small containers, Industrial film, Masterbatch, Sheet

Evloue-H is produced by combining our own slurry method multi-polymerization process and new metallocene catalyst. By utilizing higher-alpha-olefin co-monomer and elaborate polymer design, Evolue-H has a high capability that conventional polyethylene has never achieved.

Characteristics Merit
High rigidity, Impact resistance, Long-term resistance, Chemical resistance <Resource saving> Save container's weight
Thin film thickness
Lower molecule and maintain strength <Energy saving> Increase molding speed
Fewer low polymer
Free from hydrochloric acid absorbent
<Reduce material loss> Reduce molding dust
<Cleanness> Lower elution, maintain content's purity

*Compared with our existing products

Table of physical properties (PDF file)

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Product Data Sheet

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