Outline of Polyethylene

Polyethylene(PE) resin production was started in Japan in 1958. Currently, the consumption quantity in Japan reaches above 2,500,000mt per year, which has become an important representative of thermoplastic resin.

In general, density below 0.940 is classified as low-density polyethylene and density above 0.940 is classified as high-density polyethylene. low-density polyethylene can be used to produce film, lamination film and sheath, etc. As for high-density polyethylene, it can be used for detergent container, chemical container, gasoline tank and general rotomolding purposes, it can also be used for production of pipe, films and other types of containers.

Main applications

PE products are everywhere around us. PE is processed by a wide range of methods such as film extrusion, injection molding, rotary molding, blow molding and extrusion into various products to suit specific applications.

Examples of PE applications

Containers, pallets, daily goods, industrial parts, liquid detergent containers, kerosene cans, industrial chemicals cans, shopping bags, standardized bags, industrial film, rope, cloth, pipe, wire/cable coatings, steel coatings, bottle caps, large tanks, packaging film, lamination film, coating materials for food, agricultural film, tubing, etc.

Our product brands

We have a PE product line as listed below. The characteristics and physical properties of each product will be shown when the name of the product is clicked.

Product brand name Resin name
HI-ZEX™ High-density PE (HDPE)
NEO-ZEX™ Linear medium density PE (solution process C4-LLDPE)
ULTZEX™ Linear low-density PE (solution process C6-LLDPE)
Evolue™ Metallocene straight-chain low-density PE (gas-phaseprocess C6-LLDPE)
Evolue™H Metallocene Bimodal High/Medium-density PE